CO2 emissions
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    CO2 emissions down sharply during the year

    CO2 emissions decreased by 28% in 2018, falling back toward the 2015 level. Increases in nuclear and hydropower generation reduced reliance on fossil-fired thermal plants during the year. Total CO2 emissions resulting from own consumption were estimated at 3.47 million tonnes (-5.2% relative to 2017). These emissions are included in the carbon footprint assessments of the industrial sites in question.

    CO2 emissions excluding own consumption (millions of tonnes) from January to December 2018 2017
    Net production 20,4 28,3
    Fossil-fired thermal 18,7 26,6
    of which coal 5,6 9,5
    of which oil 1,1 1,5
    of which gas 12 15,6
    Wind power
    Municipal waste (incineration) 1,7 1,7


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